Monday, July 21, 2014

nineteen // LA

hello all! happy almost august. july has flown by so fast. i felt as if it was just yesterday that school let out, and i was thinking about how bored i was going to be this summer. however, this summer has proven me wrong! summer to me has always been about the beach, friends, summer-like food, warm evening gatherings, and especially the joy of no homework. i spent last summer studying for the first time at FIDM. and i've been going non stop ever since. it feels good to finally have a break. another thing i look forward to in the summer, is my birthday! i know i'll only be "looking forward to it" for a few more years. but hey, i'm only 19...i think i have a few more years of fun celebrations left until i really begin to feel old. this birthday was especially sweet. nicole, billie, hannah and i worked hard to create a pinterest inspired evening of good food, sweet treats, and a bit of sparkle to celebrate my nineteenth.
yep! we built a table on the floor, and ate Japanese style & it was surprisingly comfortable!

this cake was not only beautiful, but extremely delicious! a special thank you to billies mama!

lital came! she's been present at every birthday party i've had since i've turned 12.

all of the anthro girls! (left to right) sara, nicole, me, amanda, kylie, & jessica

friends friends friends! left to right: hannah, james, me, ian, & billie.

i HAD to have sparklers.

it ended up being really fun for everyone though, and a great photo moment.

i was able to spend my special day with some beautiful faces that i hadn't seen in a while, and it made my birthday even more sweet. thanks for all the birthday love & wishes everyone. nineteen, here's to you!