Saturday, June 21, 2014

summer-winter // SYDNEY

we're so crap at this, we know, we're sorry.
but in a little over a week we will be reunited and there will be so many more posts! (!!!!)

also, happy summer solstice! may your day be full of wild flowers, sunshine, and sticky popsicles. 
     i'm stuck studying today, as i wrap up the end of my semester at university. i don't know about you, but i shouldn't take any more psych classes as electives...
since i'm stuck studying, i figured i may as well embrace this strange winter-warmth we're currently having every few days, and head outside to sit by something pretty.

lucky to live in this place.
while partially due to school, a lot of my absence has to do with the fact that my precious little niece (Juno) came into this world just 3 weeks ago. all my spare moments have been spent going on walks, visiting, and having brunch with her & her mama. i went over and snapped some photos of her and the nursery when she was just a few days old.
Juno May 

     full of so much joy and love for her and her parents. we all went on their first family walk yesterday! my cousin and i are very close, and only 6 months apart in age, it's so strange that she has a daughter now, but also feels so natural! can't wait to watch this baby girl grow and be apart of her life.

like carly's previous post..i too, have been dreaming of paris. i have a friend living there at the moment, and am just endlessly drooling over her outings and stories. she knows she kills me every time she says 'wish you were here! just eating dinner on my kitchen counter looking at the eiffel tower out the window...'

but i was even moreso panged by that wanderlust while watching Before Sunset last night. all 3 of Richard Linklater's sequence of films are magical but i do love that one so much. such simple and quiet pieces of paris frame the two friends' walk. planning a trip for new years! and i do plan to live there for 6 months to a year in the next few years. so i'll just wait it out!

besides all this i've been wearing a lot of florals and stripes lately (what else is new)

and hanging out with friends over gelato...

oh, and wandering around down by the beach (surprise!!)

LA, i cannot wait to be back in your beautiful sunshine, i've had about 2 weeks of winter and i am so over the cold already. summer's child forever.

enjoy the summer solstice!

billie jane

P.S. happy birthday lana del rey! 

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