Saturday, August 2, 2014

summer trip recap // LA

have you seen this yet?
i'm a huge dianna argon fan, and sam smith fan. so this was all-around magic.

i was very reluctant to leave los angeles. carly and i spent probably too much time together (yeah right), and the weather was so so warm, and it's just so dang hard to leave your friends!

i spent my trip doing a lot of shopping, having a million lunches, seeing movies at the hollywood forever cemetery, a little bit of partying, lots of late night dinner dates, getting sunburnt at the beach -as only i know how to do, red streaks all over my body- celebrating carly's birthday, and a spontaneous road trip to the middle of nowhere.

but mainly i just spent time being weird with my best friends....

july 4th!

fireworks at huntington beach with carly & nicole. red ribbons for festivity!

dad greeted me at the airport with these. that man knows the way to my heart!

road trip!

 we drove 4 hrs out to the deep pits of niland california. what a strange place to be. we stayed in a hotel one town over, very small towns! but interesting to be so far from most civilization but only a couple hours from your home. it's not like we even left the state! we had a lot of fun, stopping at any rest stop that seemed interesting (see dinosaurs below) and we even found a lake in the middle of the desert!
 a beautiful sunset hung in the sky like a painting as we neared calipatria, and we roamed around the little town looking for food & some drinks to get us through the night. (we then jumped on our hotel beds singing, put full makeup on in our pajamas, watched the kardashians, and ate a bunch of junk food, then talked til 2am. girls i tell ya!) we will never grow up.

 oh yeah, and then we finally visited salvation mountain the next morning which was really the whole point of the road trip. hehe
me by the walton sea! (taken by amelia)

 my cute younger brother eating ice cream during a day-trip to santa barbara.

the hollywood forever cemetery is one of my favorite places to be on a saturday night in summertime. unfortunately i had to leave the night they were showing one of my favorite films (empire records) so irma and i opted to see blue velvet instead. it was strange! but it's always wonderful to watch a movie under the stars with strangers picnicking.

 a couple outfits.....

a pretty downtown sunset, and a couple of pictures from the set of a c magazine cover shoot.

malibu properties
prada, and miu miu, and valentino- oh my!
this post is getting much too long, but i suppose i'm cramming a whole month in! we'll round the whole thing up with my favorite pictures:
amelia + i in our hotel room

my baby brother is my height! not fair.

 irma & i on my last night...
being weird by the pool.
 irma & i. i don't really have an explanation
this day we bought tickets to see fleetwood mac!!

caramel apple pops. probably at some ungodly hour between midnight and 3am

alyssa + i being weird in my room.


i told you...

oh what do you know, being weird by myself!

 carly will be back with a post next week.
brownie points to you if you got through all of this post.


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