Saturday, March 22, 2014

planes, and trains, and weddings // MELBOURNE

okay, okay, school definitely got in the way of things.

carly & i have been super caught up in university work, exams, assignments, all while juggling work as well- we've barely had time to talk to each other, let alone blog + (c got a new job!!) and my family was just here visiting for two weeks, which included a whirlwind trip to melbourne for a wedding.

i had never been, so i had a great time and was somehow able to squeeze in quite a bit of shopping- don't you just love outlets? everything was so cheap.

my uncle chris is the youngest of the clements clan (13 kids) and so everyone but one brother headed out to melbourne for this wedding. uhhh, it was kind of nuts. their wedding took place in nicola's aunts backyard with about 100 people. nicola and chris are both very artsy-trendy people, so her wedding dress consisted of a very mod 60s type shift dress with 20's like flapper tassels. everyone was dressed really funky, while i went for very classic black & white. oh well! (commence slew of photos + commentary....)

nicola & chris

hey, that's me! (my dad played paparazzi)

great excuse to catch up on girl-time. these are my cousin-sisters.
sweet photo of my auntie's, lou & charlotte, sharing a laugh
some cousins! top row: jaz, ben, henry, and sam (my brother)
bottom row: ollie, charlie, josh (my brother)
my mama, her twin sister, and charlotte again
i'd had quite a bit of champagne by this point ;)
nicola and chris's wedding invitation was actually a song they wrote and sent out via email, and to carry it out, nicola played a little song she wrote for chris. it was so sweet and charming, and her voice is so lovely. ollie has been singing it endlessly.... (then they sang a duet of 'you're the one that i wan' from grease)

Chris & Nicola from Matthew Stanton on Vimeo.

everyone had a wonderful time, and it was so good to see so much family all at once. the following day we went out for breakfast and then met up again with all the family to do some lawn bowling and have some sausage rolls before everyone headed their separate ways. ben & i teamed up and we won! my first time, and i was way better than i could have hoped to be haha!

it would randomly bucket down with rain, and everyone crowded in under umbrellas via standing on the tables. this is don & stasia doing reverse titanic
photobombing every photo.
ben & i found melbourne to be very hipster, so if we ever move there & start an indie band, this will be our cover.
my beautiful cousin jess model-posing for my dad

getting back to school has been a bit of a transition, but i'm coping with the workload and have met some very lovely and talented people already. it's going to be a great year!

australia hasn't really welcomed fall yet, and our temps are hovering around 80 in sydney- which is perfect because it's got me in the right mind to think about coachella and plan some outfits for that trip. 3 weeks! here i come!

can't wait to be back in la to lunch at lemonade, go to disneyland, and drive my mini coop again!

all photography taken by my pops on a canon 5D.
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