Monday, May 5, 2014

Coachella // INDIO

yeeeeesh. it's been awhile.
realizing i should have made some inspiration boards before i headed off to coachella but i was literally scrambling! i couldn't find a thing to wear, i was in the middle of a massive research paper and i was going through some personal stuff.
excuses, excuses.

can i share some coachella pictures to make up for it?

i went with some wonderful friends, and we had a fantastic time. i always stay in a hotel somewhere in palm springs, because although this girl can definitely rough it and camp- it's just so freakin' hot. there's nothing like a shower and a bed after a night at coachella.

i didn't bring my camera along because i was only popping in to la for a week, and it's not allowed at coachella. so we bought a trillion disposable cameras between the five of us. i miss film so much! i used to have two tim cameras that were attached at my hip.

my nutty friend leah crowd-surfing on a dolphin (not ours)
i've attended a few music festivals, but coachella will always hold most of my heart. i've seen some of my very favorite artists there, and it's just always such a loving environment and pleasant experience. i love dancing my heart out with like-minded strangers. lazy days, and electric nights.

already planning next year's!

i had a lovely long lunch with carly upon my return and then sadly i was off again.
back in the swing of things here, as my last month of university for this semester wraps up and we get closer to exams.
i'm heading to a comedy show tonight, my birthday is next monday (...twenty....), i'm heading to a concert, and then my cousin's baby is due pretty much any day now.
things are about to get nuts!

i promise i'll be back soon

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