Friday, February 7, 2014

Beach Day // SYD


no one actually says that here. not really anyway.
it is scorching end-of-summer weather here, and it is lovely!
the ocean breeze is just perfect.

i didn't have time to do a proper outfit post because of camera issues and time before i left, but here's what i wore!
 i can't wear pants on the plane. i don't like wearing pants in general, but on a 13-15hr flight, pants are the most restricting and uncomfortable situation in the world. so i always opt for stretchy dresses! this one is from asos, the jacket is from xxi, shoes are converse, and jewelry were gifts.

whenever i fly, which is often, my first priority is virgin america- or v australia. i love everything about their planes, in-flight entertainment, meals, i could go on...

see? funky ambient lighting!
and i won't go into detail about my moon and star obsession, but i'll tell you i really, really love being in the sky. so i'm sharing a beautiful cotton candy sunrise with you, somewhere in the middle of the pacific ocean.

i arrived early yesterday morning, and was greeted by five little kids as i stepped in the door- the usual. i took over nannying for my cousin for the day. 
and because that didn't completely wipe me out, my aunt had free tickets to the movies so i went with her. they have 'moonlight cinemas' down at the beach for a few weeks at a time, and we just happened to get to see the grease sing-a-long. it was fabulous, complete with little deck chair seating, pillows, blankets, and my favorite thai food that i have been missing.
the singing was awful, i loved every second.

then i slept for close to 11 hours. 

i spent the morning un-packing and clearing out my closet (it doesn't matter how many things i throw out, i still need more hangers). and then i headed down to the beach for a swim!

i can feel dried salt in my eyebrows. 

living so close to the beach definitely has it's perks. i love this place!
carry's en route to the snow as we speak. sucker.

i miss you c!

sending x's and o's from sydney.
billie jane

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