Monday, February 3, 2014

Farmer's Market // LA

sunday adventures.

on sunday we attended the super bowl. just kidding, we stopped pretending to pay attention to football in our cheerleading days. (lets not talk about those either...)
we picked up our friend hannah sunday morning and drove to a little restaurant in west hollywood called laurel hardware. it was so beautiful, (floor to ceiling windows are our thing) we can't wait to go back.

then we drove over to the sweet and small farmer's market on melrose place. they're open every sunday from 10 to 2 and have a huge assortment of food, juices, jewelry, some clothes, flowers, and of course the very best fruits & veggies.

we bought strawberries, blackberries, and hydrangeas & yellow stock flowers.

and trust carly to taste test absolutely everything.
 she's cute though, we'll keep her.

and of course, what we wore...

jacket || h&m
sweater || xxi
skirt || lush
bag || h&m
hat || xxi
shoes || santee alley
sunnies || ray ban

top || h&m
skirt || zara
shoes || steve madden
bag || zara

and here's our lovely hannah, thank you for accompanying us!

you can check out hannah's blog here!
this is our last post before we part ways (crying)

we'll see you soon from new york & sydney!

billie jane & carly beth

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  1. Colorful place. I like visits in markets and buying fresh fruits :)