Sunday, February 9, 2014

Day 1 // NY

hello from the POLAR VORTEX. they were soooo not kidding when they said polar's actually quite absurd how cold it is. yesterday, our first day, was 26 degrees, and they said that was WARM. what a great welcome. we got in around 6am east coast time. after we had left california at 10pm. none of us got more then an hour of sleep, due to excitement and turbulence. so when we arrived at my aunt's apartment in manhattan, we crashed for a good 4 hours. my aunt lives in grammercy! we are literally able to get anywhere from here, in a short amount of time. it's fantastic.

for those of you that dont know...i'm here in NY with my two friends nicole, and hannah! we are here visiting during nyfw (new york fashion week), and we started with a great little trip to lincoln center, and an after party with

i have taken some pictures on my phone and some on my camera. so i'll start with the photos i took through our walk to lunch, and lincoln center.

   here's nicole, trying to tuck her neck and face down, because it was that cold.

this is hannah, she's from south this whole cold thing is so far from anything she knows, its really funny.

hannah has never seen snow she was grinning ear to ear.

next of course, what i wore for day 1!

jacket || thrifted
sweater || xxi
pants || anthropologiefile
hat || xxi
shoes || santee alley
scarf || zara

after visiting lincoln center, and the after party...we walked a good 25 minutes over to meet my sister for dinner in the east village. she brought a few of her friends, and i brought hannah, nicole, and james. it was a lovely evening at via della pace. the restaurant was so tiny (so ny) and it had a little downstairs that had a million tables, which is where we sat. it was too dark to use my camera, so i used my iphone to snap a pic. after dinner it was about 11pm..we then wandered back to my aunts apartment...and edited all our photos! we have a full day planned today (sunday) and i'll be sure to have a new post ready for you tomorrow!

the frozen, carly beth

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