Monday, February 10, 2014

Reem Acra FW 14' (Day 3) // NY

i don't even know how to begin this post, because i'm speechless. just a few hours ago, i sat front row at two shows at NYFW. lincoln center, yada yada. the whole nine yards. i'm literally dying. i talked my way in through the front security and went passed standby at both shows...and sat front row at BOTH! what? that doesn't just happen.

the first show we got into was Katya Leonovich. she was very different & it was definitely a smaller show, which was nice. i'd heard her name before, but never seen anything she had designed. all i knew was that she showed last year at fashion week! being my first show at lincoln center, i was down for anything. it ended up being great. we were even able to go back stage after. i was all smiles. unfortunately my pictures from that show didn't turn out too great, but i did get a video and it's on my instagram! @carlyybethh

okay the next part of the story is the best, so hold tight.

after we got into this show, we checked the schedule to see when the next one was. 6pm for reem acra was the answer! it was 4:30 at the time, and we decided to wait, determined. 

we sat in the lounge at MBFW, and ate and chatted with our new friends we made while waiting for all the shows. then it was time to get in line for reem acra. the place was poppin' and literally everyone had a ticket, we thought we were out of luck. we were just about to leave, when i thought, okay lets just try.
so i walked up to the registration, and said "hi i'm carly, and i'm here to collect my standby invitation, for reem arca. and just when i thought they were going to turn me away, they said "okay great carly, here's your ticket!" and handed it to me. i then grabbed hannah and nicole and said "but wait! i have friends!" and they gave me two more tickets.
idk how. let's not question it.

we strolled back to the line outside of the salon. (the room in lincoln center where this particular show was being held.) there were a million, jillion people there. that isn't even an exaggeration.
we then were finally let in. and were allllllll the way up top and in the back on standby. whatever, we were in.

then i looked across, and saw that there were empty seats on the other side of the runway, i said "lets go" and practically dragged hannah and nicole. on the way down, a lady pointed to me and came over and said "hey do you mind filling those three seats in the front row?" 
to which i replied" oh sure, yeah no problem. DUH.
we sat across from giuliana rancic. no biggie.

the show was ridiculously brilliant. the music, the models, the colors. i can't.
(i teared up, no lie.)

i'll stop rambling now and just show you the amazing shots i got on my camera!
(i used my cannon t-3 with a 50 mm 1.8)

hey giuliana!

hey again giuliana!

can't wait for nyfw in september. hands down one of the most amazing experiences in my life. i'm so thankful for being able to see all of this at such a young age. 
sorry, that was cheesy.

i'll be heading home tomorrow night. :( i'm still a full time student & i have a math midterm wednesday morning..yuck. wish me luck!

xx-carly beth


  1. Carly! I'm so happy for you. It's crazy that we both dreamed of this when we were in junior high, and now you're living that dream. I'll keep living vicariously through your blog!

  2. Great pictures!!!
    If you want, we can follow each other. Kisses