Sunday, February 9, 2014

Day 2 // NY

hello all! day two, and i'm turning blue. haha. see what i did there. oh and it snowed today.
hannah said she'd be disappointed if it didn't snow while she was here. after it snowed for 5 minutes, she then said she had enough and it can stop now. wanna take a wacky guess on how that turned out?

anyways, i'm loving NY and i know the girls  are too. it's great because my family and friends are all here, its like i'm at home! this sunday morning was spent in queens at grandma and grandpas for brunch. it was lovely, i missed them so much. my grandpa is an architect, and he spent a solid hour explaining all of his old drafts to us, and we loved all 60 minutes of it.

later in the day we headed out to china town with my sister for dinner. fabulous, as usual. (what isn't fabulous in NY?)  chinese food just isn't the same on the west coast. after dinner we strolled into little italy and went to Ferrarah's, a little restaurant/bakery where you can get amazing pastries. so of course, a cannoli was necessary.

after that we took the subway to union square and met james and kylie at this place called max brenners. a full out chocolate-atorium. no joke. the menu was just a long list of different types of desserts, fondues, sweet waffles, and much more. and the place was packed! the snow couldn't keep these new yorkers away from their chocolate. hannah and i split a chocolate fondue for two. deeeeeelishhhh.

here are some pictures from brunch with g&g and my aunt and uncle, sister, hannah and nicole.

ladies and gents, thats my grandfather.

my grandpa is an insane draftsmen/architect. this is one of his old plans.

i love getting time with my fam bam.
miss you g&g.

now for what i wore on day two:

these pics were taken on my aunt's rooftop. insane view right?

sweater || xxi
pants || flying monkey
shoes || zara
scarf || zara
jacket || la bamba

the night came to an end after we walked from the chocolate-atorium, back to james and kylies dorm at NYU. we got a tour, met some dorm mates, and experienced new york college life for approximately 45 minutes. thats all i needed.

i think my favorite part of new york is walking and stumbling across all the little places you couldn't find if you tried. you could never get me to walk this much in LA. but here, i have no problem with it. in fact, i love it.

happy sunday & goodnight to all-
xx, carly

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