Saturday, February 1, 2014

Welcome // DRESSED 01 // LA

we're so excited to have you here.
as chance would have it, our first blog post is being made together, but that will all change after i (billie) head back to australia next week. los angeles has decided to skip out on winter completely this year, which to be honest- we really don't mind. sorry east coast (and canada. and wherever else it snows).

carly and i will both be heading out to the airport around the same time next week. i am extremely jealous that she will be hopping over to new york for fashion week, and braving that cold weather. whereas i will be arriving into the last few weeks of summertime in australia. you'll be getting posts from two extremes.
which is the whole point of this blog!

cue some los-angeles-"winter"-time-outfits....

carly is wearing 
top || zara
skirt || uo
shoes || santee alley
bag || h&m
jewelry || fidm store
sunnies || ray ban

billie is wearing:
knit || xxi
skirt || zara
shoes || zara
bag || zara
jewelry || thrifted

i think we're going to stick with this blog-thing (or do our best to).
we're heading to the farmer's market tomorrow- what's that Super Bowl thing again...?

billie jane & carly beth

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